Have you ever thought what it would be like to ditch the warm water surf trip and head for the frigid waters of arctic surf holidays? Iceland perhaps? Canada maybe? What about the northern reaches of Scotland?

Well Australian Pro Mick Fanning and his Hawaiian counterpart Mason Ho have been on a surf trip that is a little colder than their homelands by heading up past Alaska and in to the great unknown to hunt for freezing waves on a surf trip that is as far removed from the typical pro surfer trip of sitting on a yacht somewhere in the Indian Ocean as you can get.

Part of Rip Curl’s iconic ‘The Search’ the crew scored some great (albeit cold waves) and even got to surf waves caused by falling glaciers, with Mick saying:

“We’re going to surf this little left hand point, it breaks every four to six hours... But we’re ready, we just have to wait for the right direction of the glacier to fall down that actually creates a wave.” With Mason, who needs no encouragement to get excited, even in this arctic temperatures adding:
“That was the coolest one-footer I’ve ever caught in my life… I’ve caught a lot of one footers" after a building-sized chunk of ice falls into the ocean pushing a left hander down the snow fringed bay.

Watch the amazing video of Mick and Mason’s trip below and don’t forget to visit Surf Holidays for your next surf adventure:

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Photo by: Brimnes Bungalows