We used our Surf Trip Finder to select the best spots to surf in March for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced levels. We have also added the nearest accommodation option so you can start planning your next trip. Hope you can join us...


Best Places to Surf in March


1. Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

In March it is best for: Beginner Surfers
Wetsuit needed: 2-4mm
Air temperature: 28°C
Surf Trip Finder star rating: 4.5/5
Best Wave: Playa Morro aka Drop Beach. 
A beach break with both left and right hand waves. Perfect for learning. It is also an ideal branch for any non-surfing partners to relax in the sunshine!
Place to stay closet to the surf: Wave Rider Surf Villa  
Surf Package Price:
7 night Surf & Stay €395/£345


2. Leon Province, Nicaragua

In March it is best for:  Beginner Surfers
Wetsuit needed: Boardshorts
Air temperature: 30°C
Surf Trip Finder star rating: 5/5
Best Wave: The Pipes. Some call this the 'nica' version of trestles as it allows for long lefts and rights which are great to learn on. Pipes is a really fun wave, that can also produce small barrels 
Place to stay close to the surf: Miramar Surf Camp
Price:  5 night beginner/intermediate package All Inclusive €608 per person


3. Lisbon, Portugal

In March it is best for: Intermediate Surfers
Wetsuit needed: 2-4mm
Air temperature: 20°C
Surf Trip Finder star rating: 4.5/5
Best Wave: Oeiras is more of a winter wave, but when it is working it is one of the best waves in portugal. It's a heavy, fast and hollow right-hand wave. It only works with big winter West or South swells
Place to stay close to the surf: Surf Lisbon-House & School
Price: 7 night Surf & Stay €385/£330

Pic: Lisbon surf breaks


4. Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

In March It is best: Intermediate Surfers
Wetsuit needed: none! 
Air temperature: 30°C 
Surf Trip Finder star rating: 4.5/5 stars
Best Wave: Playa Santa Teresa. Beach break with many different peaks and its flat volcanic rock base under the sand it can create barrel rides.
Place to stay close to the surf: Casa del Mar Surf Destiny
Price: 9 night Paradise Surf Camp Full Package €1279/£1097


5. Ericeira, Portugal

In March it is best for: Advanced Surfers
Wetsuit needed: 3-5mm
Air Temp: 18°C
Surf Trip Finder star rating: 3.5/5
Best Wave: Coxos
It may not be '5 star' epic but the crowds in March will be a lot less which makes a huge difference. This powerful rock/reef break produces world class barrels. When the swell hits just right, in a north west direction, then Coxos produces fast and hollow right hand waves that are unrivalled in Europe.
Place to stay closet to the surf: Laneez Ericeira Surf House  
Price: Week Surf Package €329/£282 per night.