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It’s hard not to be anxious at this time and we want to inform you of a few important points:

If you are looking to book:

  • - Before you book you can click ‘Contact Host’ and ask the host any questions or concerns you may have before you book.
  • - You can cancel your booking and your deposit can be used again within 1 year of booking.
  • - The majority of airlines are offering free re-booking for flights.

If you have already booked:

  • - If you cancel your deposits can be used again within 1 year of booking.
  • - Some of the properties/surf camps on our site may have strict policies for the balance that is due so please contact them and ask about it. Most are very understandable of the situation. Their contact details are in your booking confirmation email.
  • - We have contacted all our partners and made them aware that they must be fully prepared (deep clean, sanitizers, trained staff) at this time.
  • - We have told properties that are in towns were a coronavirus case has been found that they must make their guests aware before they arrive.
  • - Visit the World Health Organizations website and your own governments website and the country you are travelling to so you can see what the situation is like.
  • - Ensure you have travel insurance.
  • - Travel with hand sanitizers and gloves. The area you go to may be sold out of these.