This video gives a glimpse into the mind of JJF and if you haven’t seen his feature film ‘View From A Blue Moon’ we suggest watching it prior to your surf camp to inspire you to push your surfing to the next level.

The young Hawaiian’s feature film which was made by leading extreme sports film company ‘Brain Farm’ was met with rave reviews due to its state of the art equipment capturing incredible imagery of landscapes, lifestyle and of course, John John’s surfing!

But now Outside Magazine has made JJF their July cover star and have delved into his process and inspiration behind the film and how his love of photography help to drive him through the creative process when making the film.

“Growing up, my mom took us traveling around the world. And she was always taking photos everywhere we went. It kind of inspired me to start taking photos. It gives you a really good understanding of how everything works, and so you have a better idea of how shots will look. Moving that into cinema and bigger projects, it’s really cool because the end result comes out really amazing,” he divulged.

Why not pick up a camera when on your surf camp, and who knows, by photographing waves you may see them in a whole new light? This can improve your surfing in the blink of an eye on your surf holiday.

Watch the video below and let us know what helps you to improve your surfing!  

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Photo by: john_john_florence/Instagram