Gone are the days when our bedrooms were full of posters of surf films and shelves stacked with the latest VHS or DVD of favourite surf movie. 

Online streaming has completely taken over and now we can watch some of the world's best surf movies at the touch of a button (and there are no late fees for not returning it in time, remember that!!!)

Check out our top 5 surf films on iTunes here:

1. Point Break (1991)

This one can cause a lot of debate. It is not a full on 100% surf film but more a hollywood movie with surf in it! It is however a great film and we are calling it a surf film! Yes it is cheesy and embarrassing in parts but Patrick Swayze is amazing in this role and no one else has or will ever be able to play the role of a surfer like him again. Plus there is the infamous face masks of the ex-president bank robbers, a cameo from the Anthony Kiedis & Flee and some decent surf camera footage for 1991.

You can only buy this on itunes, you cant rent it yet but it is worth it as you will watch it over and over. 

Check out the brilliant end sequence below, supposed to be Bells Beach but actual location is Indian Beach in Oregan!  

Watch Point Break on itunes 

2. View From A Blue Moon (2015)

Available to rent and buy on itunes, View from a Blue Moon is professional surfer John John Florence's latest movie. This is his second signature release with Blake Vincent Kueny and the 1st with award winning film studio Brain Farm (Art of Flight fame). View From A Blue Moon is the first ever surf film shot in 4K, so the quality of the shots in this movie are the best you can possibly get.

It took 3 years to make and focuses on John John Florence's life as a surfer, his home town surf area, the North Shore , and many other places he has surfed. It also features some of the best surfers on the planet including Kelly Slater, Jamie O’Brien, Filipe Toledo and Jordy Smith. And it is narrated by none other than comedy actor John C Reilly! If you are a fan of innovative surfing and beautiful cinematography, this is the movie for you. 

Watch View from a Blue Moon on itunes

3. Waveriders (2009)

A movie based on the surfing in Ireland directed by Joel Conroy and narrated by actor Cillian Murphy. The story covers the little-known history of Irish/Hawaiian man, George Freeth, who is renowned for the rebirth of surfing in America which led to the global phenomenon that is surfing. 

This movie features surfers such as  Kelly Slater, Richie Fitzgerald, Gabe Davies and the Malloy brothers. It talks about the evolution of Irish surfing and the discovery of waves such Mullaghmore and Aileens that have put Ireland on the map as one of the best big wave surf destinations in the world. If you are intrigued about the history behind surfing in Ireland you will really enjoy this film.

Watch Waveriders on itunes 

4. Riding Giants (2004)
Riding Giants is a now a cult classic surf movie despite only being a bit more than 10 years old.  It is directed by acclaimed director Stacy Peralta and covers 3 seperate stories all focused around the evolution of big wave surfing. It begins in Waimea Bay where pioneer big wave surfing Greg Noll led the way. Then it moves on to the dangerous surfing at Mavericks in California where Jeff Clarke surfed alone for 15 years. It finishes with incredible footage of Laird Hamilton
surfing Teahupoo in Tahiti

This film is awe inspiring. The danger these sea men put themselves through has to be seen to be believed. A must-watch whether you are into surfing or not.

Watch Riding Giants in itunes 

Dear Suburbia (2012)

A movie directed by Kai Neville and features world class surfers such as Dane Reynolds, John John Florence, Craig Anderson and Taj Burrow.

This movie won the SURFER poll award for ‘Movie Of The Year’ in 2012. It also won Dane Reynolds the award of ‘Performance of the year’ with his amazing surfing throughout the movie.

The movie was filmed in surf locations throughout the world including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and the Caribbean. This movie is all about high performance surfing in some of the world best surf spots. It is for a fan of progressive surfing with beautiful scenery and cinematography. 

Watch Dear Suburbia on itunes