Bali has been a surf mecca since the 1970’s when Australian surfers first started flocking to this wave rich Indonesian island in search of perfect reef break waves. The island offers waves for surfers of all abilities from the beach breaks of Kuta, Canguu and Seminyak to the hollow left handers that Uluwata and Padang Padang throw out to anyone willing to brave the coral reefs.

Aside from scoring some of the best waves of your life, Bali offers so many fun things to do it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve done the hard part for you, so when staying in our surf camps in Bali make sure you get involved with some of these must-do activities.
1) Dreamland Beach.
The perfect place to spend the day relaxing with your friends and loved ones. This tiny cove situated just down from Bingin is a sight to behold with turquoise water meeting some of the whitest sand you’ll find on this volcanic island. Rent out a lounger and drink fresh fruit juices in between sessions getting pounded in the infamous shore-break. The outside waves offer great rides for mini-mal and longboard users.

2) Splash Water Park.
A great place to head with your friends with a huge variety of adrenalin pumping slides and water fun. Take advantage of the lazy river rapids with a nice cold Bintang!

3) Uluwatu Temple.
A truly magical place, especially as the sun starts to dip in the Bukit. This Hindu temple is fantastic place to visit to gain some knowledge on the traditional beliefs and rituals that Indonesian Hindu’s hold, with you able to take part in a traditional fire ceremony. The temple also happens to be home to a large number of monkeys who spend their days lazing about on the walls of the temple hundreds of feet above the ocean. Be careful as they will steal your sunglasses, hats, cameras and anything else they can get their hands on before you have to bribe them with fruit to get your belongings back!

4) Kuta.
This is the place you head to celebrate getting the best barrel of your life! This is the main tourist area in Bali and everyone from seasoned surfers to sun burnt European tourists head here to blow off some steam. Take advantage of the many happy hours where getting an ice cold beer won’t set you back more than a £1. Night spots such as Alley Cats, Sky Garden, Mr Potato and Ku De Ta are great spots to head to once the clock starts nearing midnight.
5) Ubud.
When you think of Bali, you think lush green rice paddies staggered in valleys. Well Ubud is the place to head to for the iconic Balinese landscapes. It’s known as the centre for traditional crafts and dance and is surrounded by rainforest, terraced rice paddies, Hindu temples and shrines.

Check out the video of style guru Rob Machado tearing up Bali's mechanical left-handers below.

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