It was one of the most talked about topics in surfing when Kelly Slater teased the world a few months ago with his super secretive wave pool located 100 miles in land of the Californian coast.
Now Kelly Slater has opened up the door to his dream wave to Nat Young, Kanoa Igarashi, Carissa Moore, Robert "Wingnut" Weaver, Josh Kerr and of course KS joined in the fun!
Young ripper Kanoa Igarashi spoke about the way the footage was leaked to the masses of surfers thirsty to see more of the wave: "At first they didn't know how they were going to release everything. Then they thought, screw it, why keep it secret? The session happened on Saturday, they whipped up a couple clips and threw it out there. I took a couple pictures for sure,"
There will be more to come from this secret spot with Kelly sure to hand out some more golden tickets in the future, with talk already on whether we will see the wave on tour.

Why not search out your own perfect waves? The surf in Spain has it all for surfers of all abilities, from reeling left hand points and river mouths, punchy beach breaks and a-frame reef breaks, giving you the chance to score your perfect ride.

Sit back and enjoy the show of them tearing up Kelly’s wave below or click here.

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Photo by: kswaveco/Instagram