Summer is almost here at last! We use our Surf Trip Finder to select the best places to surf in June. We categorise them into Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced levels... 

1. Beginner Surfers - Europe

Destination: Lisbon, Portugal 
Wetsuit needed: 3-4mm
Air temperature: 24°C
Surf Trip Finder star rating: 5/5
Best Wave: Carcavelos, some say the first wave to be surfed in Portugal. 1.5kms long beach break with lots of different take off spots. Only 20 minutes from the centre of Lisbon. A great beach to spend all day on, the beach promenade is full of different cafés and restaurants and there is always a great buzz. A great place to surf in June.
Surf Camp Packages in Lisbon for this June:

2. Beginner Surfers - Rest Of The World

Destination: Leon Province, Nicaragua
Wetsuit needed: Boardshorts
Air temperature: 30°C
Surf Trip Finder star rating: 4/5
Best Wave: Salinas Grandes: 3km long beach break perfect for learning and progressing.  
Surf Camp Packages in Leon Province for this June:


3. Intermediate Surfers - Europe

Destination: Cascais, Portugal
Wetsuit needed: 3-4mm
Air temperature: 24°C
Surf Trip Finder star rating: 5/5
Best Wave: The best intermediate surf beach is Guincho, located 5km north west of Cascais town. It’s a beautiful kilometre long stretch of beach. Consistent beach break with both left and right-handers. Best surfed in the morning as winds can kick in after 2pm  
Surf Camp Packages in Cascais for this June:


4. Intermediate Surfers - Rest Of The World

Destination: South Coast, Barbados
Wetsuit needed: Boardshorts  
Air temperature: 31°C 
Surf Trip Finder star rating: 4/5  
Best Wave: South Point is arguably the most consistent surf break in the region with Surfers Point & Freights not far behind.
Surf Camp Packages in Barbados for this June:


5. Advanced Surfers - Europe

Destination: Hossegor, France
Wetsuit needed: 3-4mm
Air temperature:
Surf Trip Finder star rating: 4/5
Best Wave: La Piste. It usually generates 1 to 2 m waves with a range of lefts and rights. Waves are close to the shore which makes it easy for lazy paddlers, but can make it dangerous as a big set can be easilly reachable. 
Surf Camp Packages in Hossegor for this June:


6. Advanced Surfers - Rest Of The World

Destination: Mentawai Islands, Indonesia
Wetsuit Needed: Boardshorts 
Air Temp: 27°C
Surf Trip Finder star rating: 4.5/5
Best Wave: Ebay, world class left. Riffles, world class right! 
Surf Camp Packages in the mentawais this June: