Morocco congers up all sorts of exotic pictures of hot sunny days spent roaming around heavily scented and stocked markets. However, Morocco is not just about spiced foods and mint tea, the country has some of the best surf this side of the equator. Over the years Morocco's surf reputation has grown, and more and more surf spots are being discovered.  So the question arises as to what is the best surf area in Morocco?  For us it is simple- Taghazout and Tamraht win the title for best surf area, and here are the reasons why…
  • 1- Waves for all abilities

The coastline around Taghazout and Tamraht is blessed with righthand point breaks and mellow beach breaks. All the surf spots are close to each other, so there will always be wave to be found that will suit your level of surfing ability.  For the expert surfers check out Anchor Point and Killers, whilst for those of us who are beginner surfers or improving, surf at Panoramas, Devil's Rock and Hash's Point.    
  • 2- More waves in a small area

As you can probably tell by the list of different surf spots on offer in the point number 1, Taghazout and Tamraht have a lot of surf spots to choose from and they are physically close to each other.  Perfect from when you have lazy days and want to check for the best surf spot, but without having to travel too far.  
  • 3- Easy to travel to

The small surf town of Taghazout is only 20 minutes drive from Agadir, and 40 minutes drive from the airport, meaning you can reach your destination that little bit quicker…  It also means there are lots of day trips available to Agadir (shop until you drop) and Paradise Valley (think lagoons and cliff jumping) when you fancy a change from surfing everyday.  
  • 4- Good accommodation

Everyone knows that the key to a great surf trip is about living close to the surf, and hanging out after your session with good people and good food.  The accommodation in Taghazout is set up to help you relax and unwind, especially when you get to spend your evenings watching the sunset from the roof top terraces whilst inhaling a well earned dinner.  
  • 5- Surf & Moroccan culture combined

Somehow Tagahzout has managed to mix its Moroccan heritage with the modern day surf culture, so make sure you explore the towns surf stores as well as its authentic shops, cafes and restaurants for a taste of what Morocco is really about.