Does surfing and technology mix? Is it as simple as just paddling out into the line up and catching waves, or is there more to it than that? Does technology have a place in modern day surfing?  If social media is anything to go by technology is incredibly important to surfers around the globe. We all depend upon technology developing our surfboards and our wetsuits, but more than ever, for our gadgets.  Surfers are helping to invent and develop all sorts of gadgets to improve how we surf and how we share our experiences, so take a look at our favourite 5 surfing gadgets of the moment and take inspiration for your next surf session and holiday:
  • 1- Go Pro
It seems that almost everyone in the water has a GoPro now.  Waves, experiences and holidays are captured not on our cameras or phones, but on our waterproof GoPros, and why not?  The GoPro has revolutionised the experience of watching a surf film, and brought a completely different perspective to surfing.  With the attachment devices, and recording quality getting better all the time footage from the best surfers in the world is becoming accessible, and can be incredibly inspiring. Check out Kalani Chapman getting barrelled twice in Indonesia for that little bit of feeling of surf stoke.
  • 2- Kidney Warming Belt
It is not always easy to feel motivated for a cold water surf session. Even though our wetsuits maybe getting better all the time at keeping us warm there are some days when the weather and waves are freezing and grey. One surf moral booster is the kidney warming belt which like the name suggests warms your kidneys.  Based on clever heat generating gel, the belt uses an electric impulse (i.e. flick a switch) to active the gels to produce heat. Generally the belt can provide warmth for one hour whilst you are in the surf, so helping you to stay out in the cold waters that little bit longer.
  • 3- GPS Track App
Rip Curl have brought surfing into the online sharing domain with an app on their watch which allows you to map your rides. Much like the apps in existence for charting your running routes or even your workouts at the gym, the Rip Curl SearchGPS records each wave you ride via GPS, including speed, direction, time; and then enables you to upload your information to your computer and even share online.  The clever gadget and app aims to inspire you to compete with fellow friends and surfers for the best rides, know more about individual surf breaks, and chart your successes along the way.
  • 4- Surf Ears
Sometimes the difference in making a wave or not is how confident you feel in the water. Something that is often underestimated in the surf is your hearing, especially when wearing ear plugs.  If you are prone to ear infections or want to prevent surfers ear, then wearing ear plugs is a good idea, however one of the side effects is that you can't hear the wave approaching as well when paddling for the ride, or even hear your mates calling to you.  However the Surf Ears are designed to allow normal acoustics, and especially the human voice to filter through. So you have the best of both worlds when wearing the Surf Ears- ear protection and sound.
  • 5- Drone
Some of the most beautiful surfing footage has recently been created by drones.  Small remote controlled helicopter like devices with a camera (often a GoPro) attached have changed the way in which we film surf breaks around the world.  Stunning aerial shots sweeping over coral reefs, insane breaks, and a multitude of surfers in the line up have featured in highly publicised work. Drones have expanded our knowledge of surf breaks as well as providing us with some incredible surf clips of breaks such as Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii or even Cloudbreak, Fiji.  Keep a look out for more footage over the next year as more and more surf breaks are given the drone treatment.