Netflix is now very much part of our everyday entertainment so we decided to see what surf films they have on offer. Check out our top 5 surf movies on Netflix here.

  1. Lakey Peterson, Zero to 100

Don't let the fact that the film opens with a Psalm scare you off, hang in there and I promise, you will be pleasantly surprised by what this film has to offer. You begin to fall for her character with lines like ‘It's not that the boys are slow, I'm just fast'.  However, Lakey Peterson is an excellent role model for any aspiring young surfer be they female or not. This film documents the highs and lows of the competitive side of the sport, and in this story there are plenty of lows. With three losses to Sally Fitzgibbons at Coolanagata, Bells and New Zealand  and yet another loss to Alessa Quizon in Rio you wonder where she finds the drive to carry on. ‘I'm gonna die before I loose' says Peterson, and it's this attitude and determination that sees her to victory against Carissa Moore in the US Women's Open in 2012. The journey to success for Peterson is further impeded by the sickness of a family friend Daisy Merrick to whom she dedicates her win. An inspirational film about a very impressive young woman who still may have the best competitive surfing years ahead of her.

 2. Surfwise

The movie's tagline ‘Reject Normal' automatically draws you in and commands your attention. This documentary by Doug Pray is not your average surf film, it follows the life of Dorian ‘Doc' Paskowitz who in 1956 decides to pack in traditional life and hit the road in a 24 foot camper van with his wife Juliette and nine children in tow! Paskowitz's parenting style is unorthodox to say the least, he believes in educating his children by following the adage ‘Wisdom from expeience'. He strictly enforces healthy eating and clean surfing daily, the children are encouraged each morning to ‘open the camper door, go and and do your thing, lunch is at noon'. We've all thought once or twice about casting off the shackles of conventional living, watch the  Paskowitz family actually do just that.

3. Blue Crush

Blue Crush is another pleasant surprise for our surf movies on Netflix list. Less airhead stereotypes (see no 5 Beyond The Break) and more legendary surf spot and female chargers. The film opens with a dark wipeout sequence which paves the way for the heavy surf footage throughout. Que a close up of Kate Bosworth and those infamous eyes. This is a story of friendship and the reality of the ocean. Bosworth's character Anne Marie prepares herself both physically and mentally for The Pipe Masters helped by her friends, including Eden played by Michelle Rodriguez who admirably did all of her own jet ski stunts for the movie including towing in the pro surfer stunt doubles to some pretty heaving waves at Pipe. Of course no Hollywood film would be complete without a love story. Anne Marie meets and falls for football player Matt played by Matthew Davis, allowing for some comical kook montages. 

4. Dogtown and Z-Boys

Although Dogtown and Z-Boys is a skateboarding movie and not strictly a surf movie, the contribution of surfing moves to the development of skateboarding is well documented in this historicaly important movie. Archival footage of the 1970's skate scene is reason enough for watching this flick but interviews with the likes of Tony Hawk and the Zephyr Skate Team including Tony Alva and Jay Adams add credibility. The shift in skateboarding style, with bowl skating being the focus is documented. Interesting also is the film's narrator, none other than Hollywood heavy hitter Sean Penn who grew up surfing near the Dogtown area. Dogtown and Z-Boys is most definitely one to watch whether you're a skateboarder or a surfer.


5. Beyond The Break

Ok, so it's not a surf film, it's actually a series but surf movies on Netflix are thin on the ground, what gives Netflix?! The first episode introduces our protagonist Lacey who buys herself a one way ticket to Hawaii. The story follows four girls on their persuit of pro surfer stardom. I'm pretty sure any actual pro female surfer watching this series would be horified. Beyond The Break is more mean girls with waves than  female surf story, I'm talking cooking in bikins and bimbo stereotypes. And don't get me started on the cringe worthy CGI. So any redeeming features? Well known face David Chokachi of Baywatch fame plays the girls long suffering surf instructor. Also, if you stick with the series, Season 3 boasts a camio from none other than Kim Kardashian who plays Elle, the possesive new girlfriend of heartthrob Vin. Worth watching purely for the opportunity to see Kardashian humiliated with a bowl of Hawaian Poi over the head! 

You can check out all of the above on Netflix