Finally decided to learn to surf? Want to improve? Here are our favourite top 10 tips to improve your surfing and get you having more fun in the surf everyday:
  • 1- Improve your fitness
In between surf trips- workout. The healthier and fitter you are in any sport, the easier you will find surfing and the longer you will be able to stay in the water before tiring. Take a look at this post for ideas on how to improve your fitness:
  • 2- Get the right gear
Don't scrimp on spending some cash on getting the right gear to surf in. If you're going to be in cold surf regularly invest in a winter wetsuit that fits you properly, and even gloves and wetsuit boots.  You'll thank yourself when you can surf for that little bit longer.
  • 3- Know your size
Make sure you match your surf board size with your ability. Whilst everyone wants to progress quickly, there is little point in owning or using a board that is too big or too small for you. You will catch more waves and be able to control your board better with a board that has been matched for you. Key point: ask for help from an expert!
  • 4- Know your limits

When the surf gets too big or too powerful, get out. No one likes admitting defeat, but it's better to know when to quit whilst you are ahead, than hurt yourself or even break your surfboard.
  • 5- Think fuel
Make sure you have some good food and drink supplies pre and post surf sessions. Lots of water, high energy snacks, and even a thermos of tea or coffee will be well welcomed after your surf.  Surfing is a sport, so remember to look after your body with a healthy diet.
  • 6- Eyes open
When learning to duck dive your surfboard, open your eyes under the water. You'll be able to see the whitewater wash over you, so you will be able to time your rise to the surface once the wave has cleared.
  • 7- Plant your hands
Place your hands on your surfboard when popping up, and don't hold onto the rails. Easier said than done, but this simple technique will stop you from tipping yourself over, and will allow you to gain a lot more balance to get to your feet quickly.
  • 8- Eat, sleep, surf, repeat
Surf, and surf often. Whatever you do everyday, you will progress in quickly… And besides, it gives you an excuse to go on some amazing surf holidays in order to ‘practice'.
  • 9- Surf pad
Although this may sound like having a beach house next to the surf (always a good idea!) a surf pad is used for grip at the end of your surfboard.  Get a pad that you'll be able to push against when popping up, and that will help you to control your board in the surf.
  • 10- Reward yourself
Remember to treat yourself to surf trips in beautiful, sunny, unspoilt surf beaches around the world. All the hard work in learning to surf should always be rewarded, and there are few things that feel as good as paddling out into the line up at a quiet and beautiful surf spot with your mates or family and catching that first wave.