Escaping for a surf holiday is something we all dream of when surfing has taken hold of us.  When we're first starting out, learning to surf, and improving on our basis skills, planning when the best time to go on a surf holiday can make a big difference.  Really maximize your learn to surf holidays by combining pro surf contests, uncrowded waves, and the best seasonal weather.  Here are our top tips for when and where to go:
  • 1- September Sessions
Summer always seems to finish too early, so going away to surf in September is a sneaky way to extend the season.  If you really want to be jammy, then stay in Hossegor, France from the middle of September as the Quiksilver Pro comes to town. Days when the surf is too big will be when the pros light up the surf, and when it's small it'll be perfect for you to learn in. Going outside of the main summer holiday season is a real plus point as well as there'll be fewer families, clearer beaches and even emptier warm waves. Perfect.
  • 2- February Pick Me Up

The depths of winter get us all down, especially after the over indulgence of Christmas, so an early present to self is knowing that you'll be going away in one of the most depressing months: February.  Head to Europe's answer to Hawaii- the Canarian Island of Fuerteventura or Lanzarote.  With average temperatures of 18 C + during the winter months, hot sunny days reaching the high 20s and very consistent surf, it is one of the best surf spots to cure the winter blues.
  • 3- Autumn Wind Up/Down
If summer feels like a long time ago when you reach October, then a visit to Peniche is in order.  The Rip Curl Pro Peniche is held in the middle of the month, and invites the best surfers to compete in the barreling waves of supertubos.  So whilst everyone is watching the pros fight it out, you can visit the beginners beaches for quiet breaks by day, and then by night join in with the parties for the pros.
  • 4- Bring Summer Early

Sometimes you just can't get a full week away from work, but a sneaky weekend away in May or June can be just what is needed.  So think about maximizing a weekend or two- especially if it isn't a bank holiday for even clearer line ups.  Keep the weekend break as simple as possible- and drive there if you can.  Think of going to Lahinch or Bundoran for very beginner friendly beaches, or taking a short flight to Biarritz for some early French sun.
  • 5- Portuguese Spring
After surviving winter sometimes spring weather can be a let down.  Treat yourself to the waves of Portugal, especially in Lagos (who benefit from the warmest waters around the country).  The best time to go is in March or April, making the most of the Easter holidays if you have to travel during school holidays, or go just outside of these holidays to maximize the downtime in the surf.  Make sure you make the most of the easy way of life, and treat yourself to the delicious seafood and local beer.