Summer may be drawing to an end, but with Autumn comes some of the best surf of the year, especially when it comes to Morocco.  The north African country boasts some of the best places to surf in the world with gorgeous sun filled days, pumping waves and a whole lot of culture.  There is something very satisfying in planning an Autumn surf trip when everyone else is back to work or school after the summer. If the surf is calling you and you fancy a taste of something more far-flung, take a look at our list of our favourite surf towns and get booking:  
  • 1- Taghazout/Tamraht
  If you are looking for the best surf spot in Morocco then Taghazout will always be your first point of reference.  With its pretty much year round sunshine and multiple surf beaches to choose from it has attracted European surfers for years.  The town itself thrives with its cafes, shops (including surf shops) and restaurants, and prides itself on embracing the surf culture.  Lying only 20 minutes drive from Agadir and 40 minutes from the airport it is easily accessible for a quick week away of warm water surfing.  
  • 2- Essaouira

Famous as a hippy town in the 1960s Essaouira is always worth a visit for its beginner to intermediate waves, and to explore the beautiful streets that have inspired film makers of the years.  The town still is a centre for fishing and beautiful crafts which have been traded for centuries as the town was built up around a natural harbour.  If the weather turns windy whilst visiting take the opportunity to try out windsurfing or kitesurfing as the town is now considered to be world class in these fields.  
  • 3- Safi

When it comes to famous Moroccan waves, Safi has one of the best… its righthand barrel has called out to expert surfers since its discovery in the 1970s. However there are plenty of beginner and improver surf beaches to discover around the town especially if you like long hollow barrels! Safi is a great place to base yourself if you want to do trips to Essaouira towards the south or even Casablanca in the North.  
  • 4- Dakhla

Somehow this town has it all but that could be because it is found on a 40km peninsular off the coast of Morocco and the Western Sahara, so greedily gets all the waves. Think reef breaks, point breaks, and even beginner surfer beach breaks.  Ideal for those of us who are still just getting to grips with surfing as the waves range between 2-8ft max. Dakhla lies just above the tropic of Cancer, so think heat, arid climate, and a whole lot of sunscreen.