Since the Go pro was launched into the surfing world back in 2009 we have watched as surfers worldwide try to capture that perfect angle in order to relive that epic moment.

Some wear the camera on their heads, some hold it on a pole, some attach the camera to their boards and others are trying new options every day.

There are now thousands of clips online. Some of these are epic, and some are just downright awful. Don't worry though, we've done all the hard work. We've spent hours watching perfect pit after perfect pit, so you don't have to! (It's a hard life)

Here's our top 5 Go pro clips of all time. Enjoy!

1. Mikala Jones - purring green, orange and yellow cats.

At number one on our list of Gopro clips is this incredible edit from Mikala Jones. Mikala grew up in Hawaii but now lives in Bali with his wife and kids. The natural footer is renowned for being on every swell in Indo and if you manage to stumble across the right spot, you can be sure he will already be out there!

Mikala has been experimenting with Go pro angles for years and managed to perfect it for this incredible edit shot somewhere in Indo. If you've ever dreamt of getting barrelled, sit back and enjoy.

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2. Benji Brand

When this clip was released it blew the lid off the surfing world. Namibia is still relatively unspoilt and unknown in the surfing world. This quickly become known as one of the longest barrels ever captured on video. Benji who hails from South Africa gets the shack of a lifetime at Skeleton bay and can be heard hooting near the end. Enjoy the oily vision from this incredible spot!

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3. Kalani Chapman

At number 3 is this epic session at Cloudbreak in Fiji.

Kalani was Born on the Seven Mile Miracle in Hawaii and bred by its crew of elite surfers. Kalani has proven he is a force to be reckoned with, surfing some of the nastiest beasts to roll through Pipeline.

In this edit Kalani stands tall making a few perfect pits but also gets a couple of nasty wipouts.

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4. Garret McNamara

Big wave Hellman garret McNamara has spent years travelling the world surfing the biggest waves on record. From Tahiti to Jaws, to Mexico and here we see him at Nazara in Portugal.

This clip made it into our top 5 simply because it's not every day you have a wave this big and manage to still have your go- pro intact after you pull out!

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5. Alex Gray

Here's Alex Gray in crystal clear water at Microneasia making it look all too easy. And yes, that is a coconut in his hand. One way ticket please?..

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