Here's a round up of Mick Fanning's time in Portugal at the Rip Curl Search Pro back in late October. The first few minutes show him doing a few tricks at different breaks on his way down the Portuguese coast. Skip to the 3 minute to see the footage from the comp. The day of the Quarters was such a great day - the waves were some of the best Supertubos has ever produced - heavy, big and barrelling. The last quarter final finished late and it was too dark to continue although we saw Adriano go out for a surf and catch some great barrels (pity it wanst in the comp!) 

The semi's and finals were held the next morning and the swell had died down a lot. Owen Wilson couldnt compete because he got injured in the Quarters (despite winning!), so Mick got a by to the final were he beat Bede Durbidge and is now favourite to win the World Title...

To find ot more about the area take a look at our Peniche Surf Holiday page.

Mick Fanning Portugal Webisode "Searching" from Mick Fanning on Vimeo.