Becoming a good surfer doesn’t happen overnight, it takes years and years of practice, with the world’s top surfers jumping into the ocean from a young age.

The level of surfing among the grommets has never been higher, which comes as no surprise when you realise who the kids nowadays are growing up watching. When surfers such as Dane Reynolds, John John Florence and Gabriel Medina drop new clips of their surfing they are pushing the level up even higher.

Kids years ago were looking up to the best surfers in the world who were doing solid turns, big cutbacks and long barrels and that was what they strived to do in their own surfing, now the world’s best are busting full rotation reverse 360’s in their opening heats… radical surfing has become the norm.

Eli Hanneman from Maui is one young surfer who has definitely set his goals high and already has the skills to be one of the world’s best, even at the tender age of 13!

Arguably the world’s best grom, Eli has grown up watching this new wave of high octane surfing which has seen him develop way beyond his years, regularly putting in two 5 hour surf sessions a day at his local breaks on the big island of Hawaii. His goals include "… to be able to have every single trick you can possibly do in my pocket and pull it out at any time", judging by the video below, he’s pretty much already there!

Here at Surf Holidays we know how it can be hard to juggle everyday life and fun times with the family, people’s lives are getting busier by the day and it can be hard for you and your little ones to get in the water for a surf as much as you’d like.

Why not treat the little ones to a family surf holiday so they can enjoy the surf to the fullest every day? If your children have never surfed before, matter not, if you’re exposed to surfing from a young age you will take to it much quicker and don’t be surprised if they start paddling quicker than you by the end of the week!
We also warn you that any future family holiday you have will now have to revolve around surfing!  

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