Time for a surf holiday road trip: bags of clothing, check; food supplies, check; wetsuits, check; can hardly fit self into car... check; so where are the boards going to fit?  If you can't fit your surf boards into your car then it's time to bring out the straps and strap your precious board to the roof.  Here are your options:  

1. Board bag + Ratchet Straps: 

When you are going on a longer surf trip it is better to use a boardbag as it gives your board extra protection.  This is the cheapest method and very easy to travel with as they are so small and don't weigh much! If you don't have a roof rack you can then strap your board tightly to the roof of your car directly with ratchet straps. These pass around the boards and fix on the inside of your car. The boards can move around a bit though.

2. Boar
d bag + Foam Pads + Straps:

 More protection for your car roof top. They also keep the boards very firmly in place. Especially good if you have two boards. The straps wrap around the boards more tightly so there is very little movement. 

3. Board + Roof Rack + Straps:

If you can fix a permanent roof rack to your car, then all the better as the boards don't rest on your car. You just need short straps to pass around the rack and board before locking them down on the outside of your car.

Board & Soft Roof Rack:

This is a great option and usually best value. More expensive than just ratchet straps but cheaper than a roof rack. Also good if you don't need to take your board too far and don't want to bother with a board bag.  These straps are an ‘all-in-one', as they attach like ratchets on the inside of the car to provide a semi-permanent roof rack, then also provide the strap that will tie the board to the rack.  Plus they are padded so your car and board are happy.

What happens when it rains? 
If you live in a country where it tends to rain then the roof rack is the best option. With the other options you tie the straps inside the car and when it rains the rain can drip in along the straps believe it or not!

Take a look at the quick ‘how to' vid below for an idea of how to strap your surf board to your car. One thing that is not mentioned but we find useful is to put a twist in each strap either side of the surf board (so that the straps are not facing flat but have a twist) - this will allow the wind flow past without creating that really load buzzing noise!