Sitting at the surfs edge you are ready to get out in the waves for your first surf holiday session.  However, before you run into the surf it is essential that your surfboard has a good ‘wax job'.  Here's a quick step by step guide to getting your board prepared for your next surf:
  • 1- Clean your board
If your board has a old wax job on it that has seen better days, it is good idea to take it off.  Leave the board in the sun to soften and melt the wax off, or use a hair dryer and scrap or wipe off the wax.
  • 2- Base coat/temperature wax
Not everyone uses a base coat wax, but it can be used to help give grip for your temperature wax.  Choose a wax that is designed for the water temperature you will be surfing in.
  • 3- Small circular motions
Time for some elbow grease.  Rub your surf wax in small circles from the base to about three quarters up the length of your board if it is a short board, whereas if you have a longboard, work it up to the nose.
  • 4- Rough it up
As you put the wax on, try to create little peaks to help give you more texture to stick to when surfing.  If this isn't working, then use a wax comb diagonally over the wax to rough it up, and continue waxing if needed.
  • 5- Wash down with water
Finish the job by washing the board down with some cold water to seal the wax in place... and get out to your favourite surf spot.