If you want perfect empty waves, crystal clear waters and white sand beaches framed with coconut palms rocking in the gentle offshore breezes then our Sumatra surf camp is the destination for you!

The Indonesian island of Sumatra is truly an unspoilt land of beauty with a host of perfect waves to be ridden by just you and your friends. Reef breaks, points and beach-breaks, this island has it all, and with our Sumatra surf camp you too can have the surf trip of a lifetime.

A typical day here would be to wake up early and enjoy a delicious cup of the world famous Sumatran coffee whilst checking out the daily waves and deciding where to surf that morning before indulging in a delicious breakfast of Nasi Goreng, fresh fruit salad and juice; the perfect fuel for a morning in the waves.

After your surf it’s time to relax on the white sands, before snorkelling and exploring the pristine reefs and wildlife in the lagoons. You can then start to prepare for your afternoon by grabbing a quick banana pancake or jaffle before surfing some more mechanical offshore waves.

By the evening you will be ready for a delicious dinner, and with the surf camp BBQ you are in for a culinary treat. Making use of the area you will be treated to delicious fresh caught fish and lobster cooked over smoking coals as the sun sets, making for a truly unforgettable experience!

To see the magical waves on the island watch Ellis Erickson stylishly surf his way around north Sumatra below:

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Photo by: simeulue surf lodges