Learning to surf is one of the most satisfying things we can every do.  It may be difficult to begin with, but every session spent in the ocean is a pleasure, and the feeling of finally springing to our feet and feeling the wave pushing you forward is addictive.  So now that you're feeling the surf love, it's time to invest in your first surfboard and give yourself the freedom to surf whenever you want- whether at home or on your surf holidays.  Here are the best boards to invest in:

  • 1- Soft-top
One of the best investments for a summer of surf would be a soft top surfboard.  These can be almost any shape of board, but are coated in a soft outer exterior that means if you accidentally come into contact with your board... or if it somehow gets pushed into someone else, the damage will be minimal.  The boards are literally ‘softer' than others and hence far more learner friendly.
  • 2- MiniMal
The mini-mal surf board is one of the most popular shapes for first surfboard buys as they are the hybrid of the surfing world, and perform well in most waves.  There is a huge amount of variation to choose from as they vary in length from about 7-9ft, and can come in a variety of materials.  Check out foamboards, pop-outs, funboards and of course the soft top before you commit to buying.  If you can try a second hand version of what you think you might buy you'll get a good feel for the natural buoyancy of these boards.
  • 3- Longboard
If you have tried out a few longboards and feel the call of the more mellow side of surfing, then investing in your own longboard is something very special.  These boards are usual over 9ft, so think carefully about what your board will be made of- fibre glass will be lightweight, whereas traditional wooden boards are very heavy, so not really ideal as a first board.  Keep to fibreglass if you can as longboards are perfect for smaller waves, so they can be a great option if you will be surfing less constant breaks.
  • 4- Shortboard
After lots of practice and patience it may be time to treat yourself to a shortboard.  These boards are notoriously difficult to master, but are the envy of any new surfer.  Shortboards are easy to maneuver, perfect for duck diving, and are all about speed.    Varying from 5ft8” to about 6ft10” in length, learning to ride a shortboard can take years, but will also bring some of the best rides of your life.  Make sure you test out different widths, depths and shapes before committing to buy, so you know that you are comfortable paddling and duck diving.
  • 5- Boardbag
Not what you may think of to begin with but when you are about to buy your first surfboard make sure you buy a boardbag too. Your boardbag will be one of the most essential pieces of equipment to keep your board ding free and safe on your travels to surf spots around the world.  When choosing your boardbag make sure it is 6 inches longer than your board, fits your board comfortably yet snugly as this is what will protect it long haul.  Tip: If you can buy it with you board you may also be able to wangle some extra discount.