Trying to choose the best surf films of all time is like trying to choose between the barreling waves of Hossegor, the thunderous Pipeline or gargantuan Jaws when it is released.  In other words, it is near impossible.  However, when push comes to shove there are some films that stand out above the rest.  So here are our top 4 best surf films ever for you to marvel at, and no doubt argue about.  Enjoy!

Title: Billabong Odyssey
First released: 2003
Directed By: Philip Boston
Featuring: Mike Parsons, Brad Gerlach, Carlos Burle, Eraldo Gueiros, Ken Bradshaw, Layne Beachley and many many more...

Synopsis: Opening with one of the biggest waves ever ridden on film, the Billabong Odyssey explores the world of big wave riding and the crazies who live for the monster waves.  The film is a who's who of the big wave riding scene, and even has footage of the late Mark Foo and Malik Joyeux. 

Although since the film's release other surfers have stepped up to the challenge of avalanche sized waves, the Billabong Odyssey was one of the first films to take the story of big wave riding global.  It lives on through the annual Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards, which honour the achievements of the biggest waves ridden and documented from the year.  Philip Boston's film has inspired people around the world to... never, ever attempt to surf a big day.  Sometimes we all need a bit of humbling.

Title: My Eyes Won't Dry 2
Year: 2008
Directed By: Brian Conley
Featuring: Brian Conley

Synopsis:  Every surfer dreams of getting barreled and surviving to tell the tale.  Well Brian Conley took things one step further, he documented it.  After the success of his first film in the series ‘My Eyes Won't Dry', he went out to some of the best spots on the globe and pulled into insane waves for his and our viewing pleasure.  Filmed using the wonderful invention of the head sports cam, Conley takes us deep into the barrel and hypnotizes us with the wave's wall of water as he hangs out in the tube.  Mesmerizing.

Title: Shelter
Year: 2001
Directed By: Chris Malloy and Taylor Steele
Featuring: Rob Machado, Taylor Knox, Joel Tudor, Mick Fanning, Dean Morrison, Jack Johnson, The Malloys, Kelly Slater... need we say anymore?

Synopsis:  A quintessential modern day surf classic.  Beautifully shot on 16mm film, Shelter was Woodshed Films aka The Moonshine Conspiracy's 3rd project and focuses on soul surfing.  Centering on a 2 month gathering of surfers on a farm in Oz, Shelter has a raw quality about it whilst it tells the tale of surfers and their lives.  Its majesty is found not only in the deep stories and superb surfing, but in the music that weaves its way throughout the film- Music that was written for the film and even within the film.  Shelter is a piece of art that feels more like an encouraging friend than a distant pipe dream/dream of pipe.

Title: Riding Giants

Year: 2004
Directed By: Stacy Peralta
Featuring: Laird Hamilton, Jeff Clark, Greg Noll and every influential surfer of the last 50 years

Synopsis: One of the only non-Hollywood surf films that made it to cinema's all over the world. Directed and written by Stacy Peralta, one of the original Z-boys who revolutionised skate boarding in California in the 70s. The film documents the origins of surfing and the history of big wave surfing, aka Riding Giants. It is divided into 3 parts, telling a story by following the experiences of 3 surf legends - Greg Noll and monster waves in 1950s Hawaii, Jeff Clark discovering Mavericks in San Francisco and Laird Hamilton pushing surfing to new realms never thought possible

If you think we are way off the mark or have forgotten any please drop us a comment below with your list of all time top surf movies...