If you are just getting into surfing and want to maximise your time in the surf and chilling on the beach, then finding the best surf beaches is essential.  The feeling of excitement that comes when arriving at the beach in the morning, checking out the waves, and setting up camp for the day is equal to none… You know that you're going to have great surf sessions, lunch will be hard earned and taste amazing, and you'll come away from the day with that glowing feeling of being out in the waves and the elements.
So in the quest to start you off on the right foot, here are a few of our favourite surf beaches in Europe not just based on great surf but also including the best places to spend a whole day at.... easily accessible, delicious lunch options, beautiful sand to lay down and sunbathing (ok Croyde doesn't always score high here) and a few nice beers in the evening....

  • 1- Foz do Lizandro, Ericeira, Portugal

The Portuguese town of Ericeira is renowned for its outstanding surf breaks… so much so that it's one of only three World Surf Reserves in existence. Foz do Lizandro is a stunning beach break that is perfect for learner surfers, and has the added bonus of having its own cafes, juice bar, and rental centre onsite. So all you need to do is rock up, claim your spot in the sunshine for the day, and get out into the fun waves.
  • 2- Zarautz Beach, Zarautz, Spain

Along the beautiful Spanish Basque Country coastline lies the surf town of Zarautz.  Known for its incredibly long golden sand beach with great surf, Zarautz is an ideal surf destination if you want to mix your surf sessions with a whole lot of sunbathing this summer.  The beach has a great long promenade with lots of cafes, bars, and even a skatepark for the more adventurous or with kids in tow. Make sure you sample lots of the creative Basque cuisine during your stay as the region is synonymous with delicious tapas dishes. 
  • 3- Plage Sud, Hossegor, France

If you're looking for a fun beach break, lots of cafe time, amazing ocean sunsets, and mouthwatering meals… then Hossegor's Plage Sud is a great location.  The town is infamous as the site of the Quiksilver Pro France on the ASPs world championship tour each September, so the vibe is very surfy combined with a sophisticated French twist.  The main square in front of Plage Sud is a perfect location for a sunset dinner over looking the ocean.
  • 4- Croyde Beach, Devon, UK

For those of us that love a mellow sand bottom beach break, Croyde Beach is ideal for anyone learning to surf, or wanting to progress. The natural curve of the bay provides lots of shelter from all but direct onshore wind, and gives a beautiful green-hilled backdrop to your surf session. Reward yourself post surf session with the amazing cream tea at Baggy Points (up on the headland), or a refreshing beverage in the town's ever popular pub The Thatch.