If you love surfing warm waves, hot sunshine, and staying somewhere with lots of culture, then Morocco is a great surfing destination. We love Morocco's surf beaches, especially around Taghazout. This surf town has grown in reputation as having some of the best surf on the African continent and even in the world. Taghazout has every type of wave you could want for beginner surfers all the way through to the experts.   To help you get inspired for your next surf holiday in Morocco, here are a few of our favourite waves to discover:  
  • 1- Killers

If you're looking for a powerful wave, then Killers is spot on. This forceful righthand pointbreak wraps itself around the headland near Taghazout, and works best when there is bigger swells. This break can handle good size... anything from 4 feet to double overhead, so when it gets big enjoy watching the pros ride the super long wave (anything up to 500metres).   
  • 2- Anchor Point

Another amazing right hand point break, Anchor Point is renowned for its perfect lines and thigh burning long rides. Where Killers will catch most swells, Anchor Point works best on a medium longer lasting swell, and will offer steep take offs, seemingly endless rides, and even some cover ups thanks to the sand banks on the rock reef seabed.  
  • 3- Panoramas

For the baby brother of Anchor Point, head to the south of Taghazout and surf Panoramas. Yet another right hand point break... Panoramas works with a smaller swell to Anchor Point or Killers, so will start working at about 3 feet and will provide easy rides.  
  • 4- Hash's Point

At the North end of Taghazout lies Hash's Point, perfect for anyone staying at our Surf Berbere surf house accommodation as it is literally in front of where you are! It is an easy wave, especially as it's so close to where you can stay. It works best on a mid to high tide, and provides yet more righthand rides towards the centre of town.  
  • 5- Devil's Rock

For anyone looking to learn to surf, Devil's Rock is ideal as it has punchy lefts and rights, so will suit you regardless of whether you are a goofy or natural with your footstance. It's also that little bit kinder to feet with its sandy bottom, so if taking part in a beginners surf camp, you'll often find yourself enjoying the waves and then the fish kebabs at the beach restaurant after. This article was added by Francesca Bingley