Exercising in order to get in shape and improve your surfing for your surf holiday is one of the most rewarding things you can do.  Keeping the workout routine varied, listening to our bodies, and building stamina and flexibility for surfing makes a big difference in the water.  Here are a few ideas for how to shape up for your next surf adventure:
  • 1- Cardio

Everyone knows that any exercise that gets your heart rate up and your body sweating will improve your over all health, burn fat, and improve your stamina.  For surfing, improving your intense cardio can really help to build quick bursts of energy- perfect for paddling into waves. Circuits, swimming, and sprinting are ideal work outs to train your body to respond quickly.
  • 2- Muscle Building

Surfers need strong cores, backs, and arms in order to surf well.  The stronger your abdomen, the easier it will be to stay on your surfboard, as the core is where a lot of balance comes from.  Strengthening stomach and back muscles will really improve your ability to adjust to changing waves and paddling back into the line up.  Building upper body strength, especially arm muscles is essential for paddling and popping up on a wave.  Weight based resistance training and swimming are some of the best workouts to improve the strength of your biceps and triceps.
  • 3- Eat Well

A big part of getting in shape for your favourite surf spots is eating well for your body type.  If you want to feel and look good, listening to your body's needs is essential.  Whole foods are always better than ready meals as they release their energy slower, so your energy levels are more consistent throughout the day.  Very important if you are training regular.  Look at your sugar and caffeine intake, as these can really perk you up, but then you have the inevitable slump afterwards.  Make sure you refuel your body after your training with clean proteins, such as milk based smoothies or nuts.
  • 4- Stretching

Although working out is amazing for your body, it can really tighten up your muscles and tendons, so finding stretches that work for you is a really important part of your preparation for surfing.  Yoga and pilate classes can really help introduce you to how you can look after your body pre and post surf, and really improve your flexibility.
  • 5- Sleep

It may not seem like part of what gets you in shape for surfing, yet sleep is a really important part of your recovery after working out.  It's when your body repairs itself, allowing all your hard work to be rewarded as your body builds new muscle. The more rested you feel, the better you will feel working out, and also your energy levels will be better, so you wont reach for that extra dessert or chocolate bar in order to boost yourself.  So enjoy it, and don't blame yourself for that sneaky lie in.