Are you thinking of escaping the winter weather and heading off in search of sun, sea, sand and surf? If so, you’ll probably be toying with the idea of getting worldwide travel insurance, but you may also be thinking you can get away with it.

Well, here are five reasons to get covered and for anybody interested in getting discounted travel insurance compare prices online to take advantage of the best deals available.

1. Your general luggage may get lost or mislaid

There’s nothing more frustrating than that sinking feeling that sets in as you stand waiting at the luggage carousel in an airport in a foreign country and it suddenly grinds to a halt before you have been reunited with your suitcase. Then arrives the bad news from airport staff that your luggage has been lost or simply mislaid. Without insurance, you’ll have to dig deep and replace everything out of your own pocket. However, if you’ve been sensible and invested in worldwide travel insurance, then you can go ahead and seek financial reimbursement.

2. Your surfboard could get damaged in transit

Travel insurance covers your belongings for damage as well as loss, which will come in handy for surfers jetting off all over the world with expensive and specialist equipment such as a surfboard. Imagine the heartache of finding out your pride and joy is damaged beyond repair and you didn’t take out insurance, which can cost as little as a few pounds, so have to fork out for a new board yourself.
3. You may have to cancel your trip at the last minute

Cancellation cover is included in the cost of travel insurance and gives you the peace of mind that if something unexpected happens, like a family bereavement, illness or change of circumstances like somebody being made redundant, and you can’t go on holiday, you won’t have to wave goodbye to hundreds and possibly thousands of pounds.

4. Protect yourself and your family with medical cover

While you may not want to think about the prospect of yourself or one of your travel companions getting ill or sustaining an injury that requires medical attention, you would be naïve not to arm yourself with worldwide travel insurance just to be on the safe side. The cost of medical attention can defer from one country to the next, but it’s never worth running the risk and thinking you can get by without it.

5. It pays to have personal liability insurance
Most travel insurance policies include public liability insurance as standard as part of the price. This will protect you up to a certain amount in case somebody tries to sue you while you’re abroad for whatever reason, whether that be because of an injury or damage you’ve caused.