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Posted: April 19, 2014 by Francesca

This article was added by Francesca Bingley 

Beginning to surf is one of the best sports that you will ever take up. It keeps you fit, gets you outside, and will offer so many holidays and trips to beautiful destinations around the planet. We have world class surf on our doorstep in Europe, especially when it comes to Portugal’s shores. So to help you along your way in picking up your surfboard for the first time wading into the waves, we have picked out some of the best beginner surf beaches in Portugal. Enjoy and see you out there!
  • 1- Foz do Lizandro, Ericeira

Top of most surfers lists is the town of Ericeira. It caters to the world’s best surfers as well as complete novices as it has kilometres of incredible surf. However, head to Foz do Lizandro for a fun beach break wave at low or mid tide, and play in the easy left and right hand waves whilst gazing at the stunning backdrop.
  • 2- Amado, Lagos area

There isn’t one time of day that Amado isn’t great for beginner surfers what with its consistent swell that isn’t effected by the changing of the tide. There is the added benefit of some of the warmest waters around Portugal in the Lagos area, so enjoy multiple surf sessions before rewarding yourself with some of the delicious local cuisine.
  • 3- Cantinho da Baia, Baleal, Peniche

The surf town of Peniche may be famous for the annual Rip Curl Pro ASP contest, but it also has a great beginner’s beach Cantinho da Baia. The beach is 3 kilometres long, and its surf spot works at all tides with lots of take of points… so there is always more than enough space to enjoy the surf regardless of who else you are surfing with.
  • 4- Guincho, Cascais

Close to Lisbon lies Cascais, home to many relaxed surfer due to its array of great surf spots. For beginner surfers one of the best beaches is Guincho, which works well on the low to mid tide, and forms fun 2-8 foot right hand peeling waves with its sandy bottom.
  • 5- Praia da Torreira, Porto

Lying approximately 40 kilometres from the northern Portuguese city of Porto, Praia da Torreira is known for its consistent right and left hand waves, ideal for beginners to start learning how to ride shorter boards. The beach break offers more punchy waves that are idea for those wanting to get to their feet quickly and really maximise their time in the water.

Posted: April 12, 2014 by Francesca

This article was added by Francesca Bingley 

Margaret River 
Where: Western Australia
When: Spring and Autumn
Why: Beautiful left-hand reef break
Stats: Can handle anything from 5 to 18 feet
Over in the incredible country of Australia there lies a surf town that has become synonymous  with beautiful waves, a relaxed way of life, and miles upon miles of unspoilt coastline… The town and the wave is Margaret River.  Found on the south western tip of Australia, since the 1960s the town has attracted surfers to explore its incredible coastline, which led to the discovery of the Margaret River’s main wave. So what is it about the wave that has become so infamous?

Margaret River is known for being an area of outstanding beauty, and has been cherished by surfers for decades. The reef break that has attracted so much attention over the years rises out of the Indian Ocean from a limestone base and stretches about a quarter of a mile along the coastline.  It’s south westerly position has ensured that it picks up the majority of the swells the Indian Ocean throws at it throughout the year.  Naturally during the winter there are pretty ferocious storms hitting the reef, so waves can reach up to 15 feet, but the break tends to work best during the more moderate Spring and Autumn seasons.
The wave itself offers more advanced surfers a chance to test themselves in the heavy thickset waves, that peak and speed towards the short inside section.  Although the wave is mainly a left hand break, rights can be found on smaller swell days.  Fortunately the way the break is positioned it not only will pick up a lot of swell consistently throughout the year, but it can also handle a fair amount of onshore wind whilst still maintaining its quality.  Little wonder that it has such a following of surfers.

Although Margaret River was for a long time a destination for the more adventurous surfers from Australia, it did attract international surfers too. In particular, the wave brought American surfer Vance Burrow to its shores, who settled down, and fathered living surfing phenomenon Taj Burrow.  The town’s raw beauty has been held sacred amongst the more ‘hippy’ surfers over the decades, which has meant that development in the region has been slow, and there is even a sign for the break explaining the rules of the line-up… in order to insure that crowding or dropping in on fellow surfers doesn’t happen.  
Margaret River’s wave each year attracts some of the best surfers in the world to its Indian Ocean waters for the surf contest the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro, and this year is no different… however with one exception- the contest is now part of the ASP’s world championship tour.  Running from 2nd - 13th April the contest has already witnessed the incredible Carissa Moore take the women’s title, and this weekend will see the men’s crown placed. Check out the clip below of how Carissa defeated her rivals, and make sure you check out the men’s finals day at

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