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Posted: February 13, 2015 by Francesca

This article was added by Francesca Bingley 

Ready to be inspired by some incredible female surfers this year? The ASP’s women’s world surf tour kicks off in Australia’s Gold Coast this month. Check out the guide for where the women will be travelling to and competing… Last year Aussie infamous surfer Stephanie Gilmore claimed her 6th World Title, besting Hawaiian x2 World Title champion Carissa Moore, and fellow Aussie Tyler Wright.  So Gilmore can repeat last year’s success, or will a dark horse surfer such as Aussie Sally Fitzgibbons steal the title from all the favourites?
  • 1- Roxy Pro Gold Coast

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Dates: Feb 28 - Mar 11
Defending champion: Stephanie Gilmore
The sun soaked eastern coastline of Queensland welcomes the powerful tour women to their waves to kick off the year’s contest. (
  • 2- Rip Curl Women's Pro Bells Beach

Location: Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia
Dates: Apr 01 - 12
Defending champion: Carissa Moore
Easter time means long thigh burning rides at the beautiful natural amphitheatre of Bells Beach.
  • 3- Drug Aware Margaret River Pro

Location: Margaret River, Australia
Dates: Apr 15 - 26
Defending champion: Carissa Moore
Big waves met big skies as the girls take on Western Australia’s waves.
  • 4- Rio Women’s Pro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Dates: May 11 - 22
Defending champion: Sally Fitzgibbons
All the fire of latin America will be powering this contest as the competition starts to gain momentum… the mid year point is the turning point for who will be in contention for the title at the end of the year.
  • 5- Fiji Women’s Pro

Location: Tavarua/Namotu, Fiji
Dates: Jun 07 - 19
Defending champion: Sally Fitzgibbons
Seemingly endless tubes of blues, greens, and violets in the tropics of Fiji. Paradise.
  • 6- Trestles Women’s Pro
Location: Trestles, California, USA
Dates: Sep 09 - 20
Defending champion: Stefanie Gilmore
Californian sunshine, glassy smooth waves, warm autumn breezes- perfect.
  • 7- Cascais Women's Pro 

Location: Cascais, Portugal
Dates: Sep 22 - 28
Defending champion: Stefanie Gilmore
Beautiful waves, so much seafood cuisine, and masses of culture, no wonder the tour loves to come to Europe.
  • 8- Roxy Pro France

Location: Landes, South West France, France
Dates: Oct 06 - 17
Defending champion: Tyler Wright
In the land of the amazing pastry and wine, the women’s tour competes out in the stunning waves of the coast of Hossegor, Capbreton, and Biarritz.
  • 9- Maui Women's Pro

Location: Honolua Bay, Maui, Hawaii
Dates: Nov 22 - Dec 06
Defending champion: Carissa Moore
Home to the heart of surfing, Maui’s awe inspiring Honolua Bay plays host to the pinnacle of the women’s tour.

Posted: February 09, 2015 by Francesca

This article was added by Francesca Bingley 

The ASP’s World Championship Tour is about to start at the end of this month in Australia, so to help get us all up to speed we thought we would take a look at the year ahead and what it holds… The world tour is made up of 11 events this year, and will span 5 continents, taking in the beautiful Fijian islands once again, along with the classic Australian, American, Polynesian and European sites.  
Watch out for defending world champion Gabriel Medina as he sets himself up to win a consecutive title, as well as those hungry to win the crown.  Ones to keep an eye on are the seemingly infinitely young x11 world champion Kelly Slater, the phenomenally talented barrel rider John John Florence, and x3 world champion Mick Fanning who came runner-up to Medina last year. Get yourself ready to do a whole lot of sofa surfing as the events are streamed live this year…
  • 1- Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Dates: Feb 28 - Mar 11
Defending champion: Gabriel Medina
Beautiful charging right-handers in the heart of East coast surf mecca (
  • 2- Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach
Location: Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia
Dates: Apr 01 - 12
Defending champion: Mick Fanning
The world’s longest running surf competition…
  • 3- Drug Aware Margaret River Pro
Location: Margaret River, Australia
Dates: Apr 15 - 26
Defending champion: Michel Bourez
Stunning big waves on the incredible west coast of Australia.
  • 4- Rio Pro
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Dates: May 11 - 22
Defending champion: Michel Bourez
Surf contest meets the party city of Rio for some amazing action.
  • 5- Fiji Pro
Location: Tavarua/Namotu, Fiji
Dates: Jun 07 - 19
Defending champion: Gabriel Medina
Tropical barrelling paradise for surfers.
  • 6- J-Bay Open
Location: Jeffreys Bay, South Africa
Dates: Jul 08 - 19
Defending champion: Mick Fanning
All about the thigh burning long rides.
  • 7- Billabong Pro Teahupoo
Location: Teahupoo, Taiarapu, French Polynesia
Dates: Aug 14 - 25
Defending champion: Gabriel Medina
One of the ultimate corners of the Polynesian triangle of mind-blowing surf.
  • 8- Hurley Pro at Trestles
Location: Trestles, California, USA
Dates: Sep 09 - 20
Defending champion: Jordy Smith
Mellow glassy waves meet the experts who rip them apart. Expect a lot of carves.
  • 9- Quiksilver Pro France
Location: Hossegor, Les Landes, France
Dates: Oct 06 - 17
Defending champion: John John Florence
Tour comes to Europe and the golden sand coastline of south west France.
  • 10- Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal
Location: Peniche/Cascais, Portugal
Dates: Oct 20 - 31
Defending champion: Mick Fanning
Get ready for a lot of deep barrels and quick tucks with Peniche’s amazing waves.
  • 11- Billabong Pipe Masters
Location: Banzai Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii
Dates: Dec 08 - 20
Defending champion: Julian Wilson
Surfing comes home to decide the best tube riders on the globe.

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