Christmas is fast approaching and you can almost hear the question on everyone's lips... “what present should I get for that all important surfer in my life?”  Okay so maybe that's not quite the number one priority at the moment, but when it does make it to the top of your list here are a few of our recommendations to help you track down a great gift.  Happy hunting.

1. A Voucher
Ok so maybe we are a bit biased but it still makes a great present.   We have vouchers for any amount - be it €20 to put towards a lessons with a surf school in Ireland or €100 towards a surfing holiday in often do you give a voucher for something that you know is guaranteed to be great? So if you're stuck for ideas this Christmas give us a call and we'll sort you out - we can email it to you in time.

      €100 Gift Voucher

2. Surfboard Bag
An essential piece of kit for surf trips, the surfboard bag not only protects the chosen surfboard, but can double as a suitcase at times of need.  The secret to buying a surfboard bag for your surfer, is to find out what size surfboard they have already.  Usually all it will take is a quick question on what type of board they are riding, or what the length is of their surfboard.  When you order the board bag, make sure that the length of the bag is about 3 to 6 inches longer than the length of the board.  This will allow for any additional packing they want to do- such as wetsuit and towels.  After all, it's the thought that counts.


Price: From £42.99/€49.01 for an Ocean Earth Lightweight Boardcover for Funboards

3. Changing Robe
Eliminating the embarrassing changing dance, the changing robe may not sound glamourous, but it can seriously alter a surfer's experience of the post-surf blues.  No longer worrying about dropping their towel when changing, the towel robe really can change a life... okay maybe not that far, but it will make life easier especially as our featured robe turns into a bag as well.  Multifunctional= thumbs up.


Price: £12.70 - £34.30/€14.47 - €39.10 (approximate)

4. Wetsuit Heater
Sometimes a truly genius invention comes along and changes the way people surf.  Say hello to Hotsuits' Kidney Belt and Heater Pack that is designed to fit under any wetsuit.  The clever company has created a way for your cold climate surfer to stay warmer in the water for longer.  Just don't blame us if that means they go for a long Christmas Day surf session.

Price: From £39.99/€45.59 (approximate)

5. The Latest Surf Film: The Drifter
Released this November and winner of the Best Surf Film at the 2009 California Surf Film Festival, The Drifter is an inspirational tale of Rob Machado's time in Indonesia in the summer of 2008.  Known for being a phenomenal free rider and competitor, Machado explores what it means to dream, to give back to the Indonesian people, and to find perfect warm wave after warm wave.  Makes for great hibernation viewing for those experiencing SAD (Surfer's Acute Depression).

The Drifter - Rob Machado from Koastal Media on Vimeo.

Price:    £21.99/€25.07