Summertime in Europe is a lot of fun.  The waves are smaller than in winter, which means they are perfect for beginner or progressive surfers, and of course, the water and weather is thankfully warmer.  Since our weather has been shockingly bad so far this summer, we thought it was time for an escape to the beautifully sunny county of Portugal. Here are our top surf spots for August around the Portuguese coastline for a learning to surf holiday in Portugal:
  • 1- Ericeria

The stunning town of Ericeira is part of a world surf reserve as there are 11 different beaches around the town that cater for all levels of surfing.  The town itself has managed to escape the influx of tourist franchises, and has kept its soul intact. Enjoy the winding cobblestone streets, small cafes, and of course- delicious seafood, before hitting the beautiful beaches of Foz do Lizandro for beginner surfers, Ribeira d'Ilhas or Matadouro beaches for intermediate, or going to watch the infamous Coxos wave where the professionals show how it's done.
  • 2- Lagos

If you are looking for a relaxed vibe out of the water, and some of the warmest waters around Portugal, then Lagos is your place.  Situated on the undeveloped beaches of the west coast, Lagos is something of a secret gem in the surfing world. Visit the main beach of Meia Praia if you are learning to surf, whereas if you want more of a challenge take your pick from some of the best surf beaches in Europe: Tonel, Beliche, Mareta or even Zavial.  Take a look at Arrifana when the swell really pushes through, as this is a world class point beach break that always delivers. 
  • 3- Cascais

When you need a getaway weekend where you can surf, eat, drink, sleep, and shop... then Cascais is a great destination. The town has some ideal breaks for beginner surfers such as Guincho beach, but also has a lot of rugged beaches surrounding it that cater for more advanced surfers.  For when you're all surfed out and ready for some retail therapy, Lisbon lies only 30km away and even has its own breaks for you to explore for when you crave a new surf spot.