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December 2011
Posted: December 17, 2011 by Francesca

You’ve almost made it to that special day of the year: Christmas.  However, somehow you’ve been so busy having fun that you haven’t had time to get those gifts for the surfers in your life.  So what to do?  It’s last minute Christmas gift time, and to help you on your way, we’ve put together a handy list of ideas and quick delivery... so you’ll be back fun in no time.
  • Indoboard Balance Trainer

The ideal gift for anyone obsessed with surfing or even just looking to improve.  The Indoboard Balance training kits are designed to work the same muscles that are used in the surf.  Ideal gift for surfers that don’t have a lot of time, and like to train at home.
  • Ted Shred Candles

When your surfer is missing the ocean and the smell of their board (yes we know this sounds strange, but trust us) Ted Shred’s candles do the trick to perk them up.  The candles smell like surf wax, so your surfer will be transported back to the best waves and get excited for their next surf holiday again.
  • Nalu Surf Beads

This one is for any surfer girl who loves to make her own stamp on her jewellery.  There are hundreds of beads to choose from, so pick some of her favourite colours, and maybe even get creative for yourself. 
  • The Surf Girl Handbook

This is a perfect gift for ladies who are just starting out surfing, or are getting to that intermediate level.  Crammed full of advice and tips about everything from training, beauty, surf destinations to diet.  Ideal for some winter inspiration.
  • Storm Rider Surf Guides

Is your surfer planning on surfing Portugal, or maybe they are thinking further afield?  Help them to make the most of their next surf trip by buying them a detailed guide of the region.


Posted: December 13, 2011 by Francesca

Question: What does every surfer want for Christmas? Answer: the ultimate ride.  However, there are also some gifts that all surfers dream of one day experiencing.  So we thought we would take a moment to daydream of our top 5 ultimate surf gifts, just in case we ever won the lottery or happen to become a pro surfers and get to live on permanent surf holiday...
  • Round the World Ticket

There would be few things better than having a round the world flight ticket.  We could fly to all the best surf destinations: Indonesia, Australia, French Polynesia, Hawaii and California during winter.  Then in the summer we could return to our beloved European shores to surf Fuerteventura or the dream surf breaks of Hossegor, France, before doing it all over again.
  • French Polynesian Water Bunglalow

We’ve all seen the pictures of the incredible water bungalow in French Polynesia.  With thousands of beautiful islands to choose from, we could all happily get lost in paradise, surfing everyday by simply paddling from our house each morning to our preferred surf break.
  • Luxury Surf Yacht

Would you like to wake up everyday to a new uncrowded surf break?  Yes please.  Exploring wave after wave around tropical islands may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but somehow we think surfers everywhere would like a sip of this.
  • Tow-in Surfboard, Jetski, Powerboat & Helicopter

These gifts are for those of us who like the adrenaline pumping side of surfing.  Imagine having your own fleet of surf equipment: tow-in surfboard with jetski set up for those small days to boost airs, or big days to catch huge waves... because you would be that good.  Then when you need an adventure, you have your powerboat or helicopter to take you to outer lying breaks, and to film your ridiculously good rides.
  • The Un-ending Surfboard Quiver

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better there is the un-ending quiver of boards to choose from.  Your own personal shaper has created a plethora of boards all designed for your style of surfing in different conditions.  So not only are you a pro in the water, you wouldn’t even need to worry if you snap or ding your board- as there would be another one waiting for you... Oh to live the dream. 

Posted: December 08, 2011 by Francesca

In the depths of winter and Christmas shopping there comes a time when all surfers need a little nudge to help them remember their love of surfing holidays.  So whether it’s you who’s seriously missing the warm water surf, or maybe your partner or friend is pining after some waves, treat yourself/them to one of the latest surf films for Christmas.  Here are some of our favourites:
  • A Dingo's Tale

Following Australian surfer Dean Morrison aka ‘Dingo’ rise to professional surfing stardom, ‘A Dingo’s Tale’ is all about Morrison’s surfing and who helped him along the way.  Hailing from the surf town of Coolangatta, Australia, the film takes a peek into Morrison’s talent in his home break, and then around the world at Pipeline, Teahupoo, Shipsterns and more.
  • Float Archipelago

The lastest Rip Curl film’s tag line reads ‘One Boat, 6 Months, 13,000 Islands, 25,000 Bintangs, The Infinite Search...’ if that doesn’t get you excited to explore, surf or at least watch the film- nothing will.  The Float surf film is about when Rip Curl got some of its best surfers together, sent them on a surf adventure around the thousands of Indonesian islands in the quest for new waves.
  • Lost Atlas

If you or your mate is into the young gun crowd then ‘Lost Atlas’ will be just the gift.  Featuring the raw talents of Julian Wilson, John John Florence and Kolohe Andino expect some super smooth surfing with a whole lot of barrels and airs thrown into the mix.
  • Stoked and Broke

For a surf movie with a difference try out ‘Stoked and Broke’.  It’s the tale of Cyrus Sutton and Ryan Burch as they do a surf trip on zero dollars.  They do a 30 mile walk around San Diego, surfing, making their own surfboards, exploring the coastline and being very creative with solar cookers for their food.
  • The Ultimate Wave Tahiti

All about the stunning island and waves of tropical Tahiti.  Focusing on the incredible beauty of the Polynesian island, 'The Ultimate Wave- Tahiti' delves into how waves are created, and features surfer x11 world champion Kelly Slater and infamous big wave rider Raimana Van Bastolaer as they take on Teahupoo.

Posted: December 05, 2011 by Francesca

There are few things in that feel better than when you first step off that plane into warm air and sunshine, wake up to another gorgeously hot day, take the plunge into the ocean or catch you first ride on your surfboard in a long time.  We love the island of Fuerteventura for taking time out from winter and getting into some warm water surf.  So here are our favourite 5 reasons why to go to Fuerteventura for your surf holiday:
  • Escape:

Fuerteventura is one of the beautiful Spanish Canary Islands found off the coast of Morocco.  Even though it is part of Europe its weather and scenery are more akin to the sweeping landscapes of northern Africa.  The island was created by volcanic activity millions of years ago, and the dormant volcanoes that gave birth to Fuerteventura still make up the stunning skyline today.  The island offers an escape from our stressful and busy lives at home with its seemingly endless golden or minks coloured sand beaches and plenty of space in the waves.
  • Sunshine:

With a possibly endless amount of sunny days and some of the warmest temperatures in Europe during winter, we love Fuerteventura’s climate.  It’s like a little bit of summer kept all year round.  So when any of us feel the need to see some daylight, get a tan and go surfing in some waters that aren’t requiring a ridiculously thick wetsuit, it’s time to get on a plane to the island.
  • Surf:

There are few places in Europe that can boost of having so many good surf spots to choose from on any day.  Fuerteventura is blessed with countless reef, rock and beach breaks, so on any day, even with changing swell direction, winds and tides, there is always a wave to be found.  The island is an ideal destination for anyone who wants to begin to surf, as there are many beaches ideal for learning the basics, before rewarding yourself with an afternoon beach siesta.
  • Tranquility:

Discovering somewhere that you can retreat to and simply relax is often the highlight of our year.  Having time, waking up and maybe doing some morning yoga before eating a healthy breakfast, then heading off to the surf is the best way to start a surf holiday in Fuerteventura.  We discovered the beautiful La Concha complex in Corralejo in the north of the island, and fell in love with it’s relaxed atmosphere, beautiful grounds and yoga classes. *** Prices for La Concha start from £419 for 7 night/5 days surf lesson.
  • Night life:

In order to balance out all the relaxation Fuerteventura has, it only seems fitting that it should have an amazing nightlife.  Most of the parties and the best restaurants are found in the town of Corralejo, so it’s essential to go out for a late dinner of fresh local seafood, enjoy a glass or two of sangria, and then party the night away in any of the small bars or clubs hidden down the winding alleys.  If there’s one piece of advice to give... go explore.

Posted: December 02, 2011 by Nicky

Time to get Christmas shopping for the female surfer in your life.  Whether she loves dreaming of surf holidays in warmer waters, or loves to surf the colder winter waves of home, we’ve put together some surf gift ideas to get you started.
  • 1 Winter Wetsuit

This is one of those ultimate gifts, especially if the female surfer in your life is a cold water surfer.  It will mean doing your homework on what size she wears, maybe even doing some detective work amongst family and friends... but if you present her with a winter wetsuit on Christmas day, she’s going to be super stoked. (If in doubt, check with the store for their returns/exchange policy).
  • 2 Magazine Subscription

If you can be sneaky and find out which surfing magazine she likes, getting her a subscription to one of them will be a real treat... the gift will be all year long- not just for Christmas.
  • 3 Surf Holiday Gift Voucher

This present will definitely bring joy this Christmas.  Our surf holiday gift vouchers start from €20/£20. Vouchers are valid for 1 year and can be put towards any accommodation or surf lesson options we have on our site. Just email or call us on the numbers at the top of the website, so your surfer girl can book that getaway ticket to the surf whenever she needs to feel some warmer water waves.
  • 4 Surf Film: First Love
The perfect surf film when she needs some inspiration and encouragement in the depths of winter.  ‘First love’ is the story of three Australian surfer girls whose first love is surfing.  The film follows the friends over a the course of a year, as they surf, compete, dream of Hawaii and overcome big challenges.

First Love The Film - Trailer from First Love on Vimeo.

  • 5 Music: Ben Howard, Album- Every Kingdom

If you haven’t heard Ben Howard’s album yet then you have either been travelling or not switched on the TV recently. Howard’s music is an enchanting mix of gentle folk with surf inspired culture.  He hails from Devon and has grown up playing the guitar and surfing.  It’s a beautiful gift for any surfer girl who likes a folksy sound to her music. Check out for more details.

Posted: December 01, 2011 by Francesca

It’s officially December and this means it’s time to start Christmas shopping for the surfer in your life.  To help you find perfect surf inspired gifts, whether a stocking filler or main present, we have put together some of our favorite gifts for male surfers.
  • 1 Go Pro
This is the ideal gift for surfers who want to prove that they’ve got what it takes in the water.  The Go Pro waterproof cameras can be attached to any surfboard, and will provide hours of entertainment with the footage of amazing waves/wipeouts.
  • 2 Heated Rash Vest
If the male surfer in your life is a cold water surf addict, then the heated rash vest is a life saver.  It goes under their wetsuit, its heat can be increased or deceased, and will help your surfer’s session last longer in the water.  He’ll thank you massively for this one.
  • 3 Surf Dvds
For when the surf is flat, or simply for some inspiration there’s nothing like watching the world’s best surfers and surf film makers latest dvds.  Take a look at Taylor Steel’s site for some ideas, or for a more eclectic mix. For general releases and information visit: 
Check out the new film ‘Lost Atlas’ for some of the most progressive maneuvers to keep your friend glued to his screen and inspired this winter...


  • 4 Changing Robe
Another all round surf saver is the changing robe.  Keeps your surfer toasty when they are changing, and even enables swift car park changing regardless of the weather.  Ideal stocking filler.
  • 5 Surfholiday Gift Voucher

This gift is the ideal treat as a ticket away from all the gloomy cold waves of winter.  Get your surfer a surfholidays gift voucher, so you both can escape anytime of year to some much sunnier climates and waves.  We have vouchers for any amount starting from €20/£20. Vouchers are valid for 1 year and can be put towards any accommodation or surf lesson options we have on our site. Just email or call us on the numbers at the top of the website. We recommend Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands as its waters are warm and it has consistent waves year round.

Posted: December 01, 2011 by Francesca

It may be the beginning of December and local surfing conditions are anything but warm right now, but it doesn’t stop us from daydreaming... This month’s surf clip is a film short of incredible Australian surfer Taj Burrow riding some beautiful tropical waves in Fiji this year.  You can almost feel the heat emanating out of the screen.  

Watch it, get inspired by it, and then... book yourself a surf holiday to Fuerteventura for some warmer water closer to home.

Fiji Vignette 2/3 from Taj Burrow on Vimeo.